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If you’re looking for a specialist supplier of agrichemical, crop and pasture seed, nutrients & specialist advice on cropping and pasture renovation…welcome, you’ve got the right place.


Smart agronomists are professionals at analysing your farming situation and providing solutions to help you win the battle against:
Poor pasture persistence
Poor advice on crops and pastures
Rising feed costs
Not having enough quality feed when required to meet milk solid production targets
Missing top money opportunities when selling your livestock

make a good decision to ring the forage specialists…Smart!

What is one of your biggest keys to success for spring production?

What is one of your biggest keys to success for spring production?

Undersowing existing thin pastures lifts plant density in the following spring. Increased plant density = increased spring production, guaranteed.

What's the cheapest way to lift next years production on your pasture?

Oversowing Lift Red Clover and Winna White Clover into autumn pastures can significantly increase next years quality and quantity of feed.

Frustrated with wrong advice?

Frustrated with wrong advice?

Use our knowledge to make cropping and pasture renovation easy, successful and improve you profitability.

CommentsWhat our customers say ...

You're the only company whose agronomist can give me all the advice from the initial analysis, top crop selection, weed & insect control, nutrient programmes, grazing management, and crop rotations. It saves me from having to deal with so many different people. Richard W

Sowing your clover oversowing blend is one of the cheapest ways of lifting production on my farm, and I don't know why a lot more farmers don't do it. Look at my farm. Paul C

Our production is up and I think the new grasses have helped. We used to make decisions on what grasses we were going to put in, but we were not always sure we were getting the right thing. Since we have been dealing with you, we now pay a more attention to what grass and crops we are putting in and how they will perform. Your advice on grass selection has been invaluable and it increases our understanding. The CAT123 programme has worked well. If it wasn't, we wouldn't use it any more. If we are unsure about anything or have any questions, you are only a phone call away. Before we were dealing with you we didn't know who to call. We use experts in our cowshed chemical and on the fertiliser we use and it makes good sense to get export advice on grass seed, but a lot of farmers don't. Many companies sell seed, but not many give the expert advice you do. Mike H

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The 2015 Smart Forage Catalogue is now being printed. If you would like a copy of this please call contact your Smart Representative or email info@agriplus.co.nz.

Smart Forage & Pasture catalogue


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