A Smart Fodder Beet Crop

A Smart Fodder Beet Crop will offer a unique and very flexible cropping option for meeting a range of feed solutions.

Unlike a lot of more traditional brassica crops with a fixed maturity date, a Smart Fodder Beet Crop will offer continuing growth through the Summer and Autumn until utilised.  This allows you to decide when you would like to utilise the crop – through the dry summer months, in the autumn pinch, or to provide high quality winter feed?

A Smart Fodder Beet Crop is comprised of large bulbs with a growing vegetative top, and just like turnips and swedes it offers you a single graze… but a substantial single graze!  Because yields in excess of 20 tonne/Ha are common in a Smart Fodder Beet Crop, a significantly smaller area can often be cropped to provide the same feed resource.

Cost Effective?  Yes! 

A 20 tonne crop is going to cost about 10c/Kg DM and of course when your yield is more your cost per Kg drops even lower!  Compare this to the cost of other types of crops or bought in feed you may have been feeding and consider growing your own Smart Fodder Beet Crop to make a substantial saving.

A Hassle to Feed?  No! 

You need to plan for a 2 week adjustment period (talk to your Smart Agronomist) just like you do for turnip crops.  A Smart Fodder Beet Crop is very high in carbohydrate (ENERGY) and consequently low in fibre.  Accordingly we recommend you feed no more than half the daily diet (DM) with fodder beet and the balance is made up of high fibre feed such as straw, hay or silage.

Smart Fodder Beet Program and Support Package

And to make a good job better, your Smart Fodder Beet Crop comes complete with a Smart Program and Support Package, assisting you in planning your feed requirements, the area you need, and how to ensure you make the best of this crop opportunity.

Why not talk to your Smart Agronomist today?