Smart Three65


Productive pasture is the most secure, reliable, and cost-effective source of livestock feed. That’s why Smart Three65 focuses on helping farmers to develop and implement a long-term program that improves pasture quality so it yields more and lasts longer.

Smart Three65 minimises weed impact on pasture

It can be difficult to completely remove old, unproductive native species and invasive weeds before new pasture is planted. Inevitably, they reappear and crowd out the newly germinated pasture. From the outset, Smart Three65 targets this reinvasion problem and enables the best-possible knock-out.

Smart Three65 proactively strengthens your pastures

Gaps naturally appear in pasture every year. Insects, pugging after rain, and die-off during dry weather, all cull the weakest plants in your paddocks. We progressively fill these gaps with additional productive pasture, preventing unproductive broadleaf weeds and native grasses from sprouting out of the soil’s natural seedbank.

Smart Three65 uses cropping over purchased feed

Buying grain, palm kernel and other feed supplement is an expensive investment. Supplement feed is generally costly, and requires specialist equipment and extra labour. Returns often fail to justify the cost. Smart Three65 helps farmers instead implement an annual high-energy crop rotation to supplement pasture and maximise livestock yield.

Smart Three65 provides year-round farmer support

Others sell you seed and then move on. Smart Three65 supports farmers year-round, with advice on the optimum time to sow, spray, graze and specific management assistance so you obtain maximum results year after year.